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We implement Interim Management Projects for all business areas as well as strategic HR Consulting Projects

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Product Popularity

The Interim Management concept originates from the Netherlands and was developed in 1970s as a response to restrictive legal regulations. At the time, the largest of the Benelux states applied very long notice periods as well as was burdened by high costs of severance payments to senior management. The Interim Management service proved to be an effective response to these issues, the concept consisting in temporary collaboration between companies and experienced managers holding top positions to ensure that specific objectives are reached.

The idea proved to be beneficial for companies and came to spread across Europe. In the late 1980s, it was implemented in the UK. Initially, it was perceived there as a niche solution whereas today, every fourth company declares that it budgets to provide for the services of Interim Managers.
The number of Interim Managers in Germany is estimated as 10,000 while the market size is approximately EUR 1.3 billion. The growth of the Interim Management market in Germany is presently 20-odd percent year-on-year.

Nowadays, Interim Managers rescue companies which are in crisis, handle key projects for companies, set up teams, and implement changes. All business sectors take advantage of the Interim Manager service, i.e. Finance, HR, Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing, Logistics, and all sectors of the economy (including even state-run institutions and the public sector.)

The Interim Management market in Poland is highly dispersed. This is why we have decided to invite recognized and talented Interim Managers to work with us and to gather them under one roof of In-House Managers as well as to create a networking platform for them so that they can integrate and exchange information. Thanks to our Network of selected experts, we facilitate easy access to Interim Managers for companies: we reduce a requirement for toilsome and independent market search while increasing the potential for the selection of the right person. We are also responsible for providing continuous access to required resources throughout project duration.

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