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We implement Interim Management Projects for all business areas as well as strategic HR Consulting Projects

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At the Client’s request, the In–House Managers team selects the Manager from its network who fits the Client’s profile as far as competencies as well as the nature of successful projects implemented up-to-date. Thanks to our IHM Interim Managers Network which totals over one hundred individuals whose skills and experiences we have become familiar with in the course of a thorough selection process, we can promptly provide the right candidates for specific projects.

Application areas of the Interim Management service

Businesspeople all over the world currently tackle the following question: how to optimally balance self-competing inter-company dimensions of work output and costs? Interim Management is a modern and one of the most flexible responses to this challenge.
Principally, companies seek Interim Manager in the following instances:

  • They have not been successful in employing a manager on the permanent basis early enough and thanks to filling the position with the Interim Manager; they gain experienced ‘brains’ immediately.
  • They need skills, knowledge, and experience for a specific project which are not demonstrated by current company staff employed on the permanent basis.
  • An unexpected opening turns up, caused e.g. by a maternity leave or a different sudden and unexpected absence of an employee holding a responsible position within the company.
  • They need support for a specific manager. Thus, the Interim Manager provides expert knowledge and experience within an appropriate field of expertise.
  • They are about to implement an important initiative, e.g. reengineering, merger, acquisition, integration, listing at the stock exchange, or business processes reengineering; and they lack sufficient expertise.
  • They intend to carry out challenging organizational changes. In such a scenario, it is sometimes necessary to carry out unpopular changes using external staff who would leave the company upon project completion.
  • They wish to develop and implement structures which are necessary to carry out new and pioneering business duties which have not been carried out by the company ever before.
  • They need a new development perspective either for the company or for a selected area which the Interim Manager provides by way of identifying the current situation, selecting development paths, and suggesting specific duties for delivery.

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