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We implement Interim Management Projects for all business areas as well as strategic HR Consulting Projects

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Essence of Service

The Interim Manager, in other words: a temporal manager, is an individual who takes over managerial duties at the Client’s site in order to carry out specific duties within a set timeframe. As opposed to a consultant, the Interim Manager is accountable for the outcome of his/her performance.
The Interim Manager leaves the company as soon as the problem has been solved while the company plants a new and long-term management in the business area in question. The Interim Manager has a significant experience at higher management levels.
Throughout project duration, the Interim Manager performs work duties at the Client’s office together with Client’s staff; however, he/she is not bound by the employment contract. The timeframe of Interim Manager’s performance is pre-set and in principle corresponds to 6 to 12 months.
Within this timeframe, the Interim Manager joins the team and assumes a specific position within the company’s hierarchy to effectively work and reach objectives set in an agreement with the Client as of the very first day.
It is impossible to consider a trial period or a credit of trust here. The Manager assists the company in tackling problematic issues while leveraging on his/her own long-term experience in project implementation. The Interim Manager shares the know–how which the Client is lacking, for which the Client does not wish to nor needs to pay on the permanent basis.
Accepting services offered by the Interim Manager does not require the creation of an FTE. Besides providing a desk and, in some cases, a computer for the duration of the project, the Client does not need to equip the Interim Manager with costly benefits offered to staff employed in the traditional way.

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