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We implement Interim Management Projects for all business areas as well as strategic HR Consulting Projects

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Compenstations & Benefits

Our offer:

Supported by our experience, we offer you the following assistance:

  • We develop comprehensive payroll systems for companies of any size and for any sector.
  • We develop management remuneration schemes, sales force incentivation schemes, and staff benefits management schemes.
  • We review the payroll policy and payroll systems based on customized criteria, organizational culture, business strategy, and market practices.
  • We develop market remuneration benchmark models for appropriate organizational levels.
  • In case of a competitive payroll market where information and data is lacking, we implement local remuneration research using companies which employ staff in a given location.
  • We develop recommendations of changes to the payroll policy based on audits of remuneration areas conducted by us within the company.
  • We assist in the remuneration scheme implementation process by way of developing implementation plans, development of communication packages, and collaboration with IT solutions providers.
  • We assist in raising competences and knowledge of individuals in charge of payroll and benefits area in companies by offering one-on-one workshops.
  • We develop remuneration concepts for Central and Easter Europe markets for Polish-based and foreign companies which are involved in business expansion in these geographical regions.

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