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Our approach

What does it constitute?

HR Consulting services we render consist in cooperation between our experts, HR practitioners, and the Client’s team. We diagnose the company’s situation and subsequently develop and submit recommendations. Thanks to our long-term experience based on our hands-on engagement in the workplace, we have a wide range of knowledge about company expectations from providers of consulting services and about cooperation with consultants. This is why we act according to the following principles while advising the Client:

  • We carefully listen the Client and analyze the actual needs.
  • We diagnose the situation in a fair manner and share our observations.
  • We present a range of possible solutions and come up with a ‘tailor-made’ option in collaboration with the Client.
  • We encourage the Client to actively participate in the process throughout project duration, which allows us to share knowledge and experience not only about solutions themselves but also about their development methods.

Our approach

Our essential principles of providing the consulting service are as follows:

  • We keep project costs in mind and so we carefully plan our involvement. Where possible, we try and convince the Client to complete selected duties independently.
  • We try to engage individuals on the Client’s side in the project as much as possible, by the same raising the ultimate quality of solutions adopted.
  • As far as implementation projects, we accept orders whose added value considerably exceeds the price so that the Client is sure that the investment has been effective.
  • We often work in the workshop format.

We encourage you to contact us in the following instances:

We like to advise and share our experience, also (or perhaps predominantly) in highly problematic cases. These are just a few reasons why we suggest that you give us a call:

Reason no. 1.
You are currently lacking people who could provide sufficient experience, competencies, and the know-how, and who could carry out Human Resources Management duties.

Reason no. 2.
Despite internal resources at your disposal, available resources, or appropriate resources, you intend to obtain an independent recommendation for HR operations.

Reason no. 3.
You note some issues when determining priorities for the HR function or for the implementation of the HR strategy assumed and consequently the achievement of goals set therein. You doubt whether the HR strategy provides an appropriate support to business prerequisites.

If you would like to receive more comprehensive information, please contact Mr Paweł Szabelewski, Managing Partner, at e-mail:,
Tel. +48 604 636 259.

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